Wednesday, 26 September 2012

ASNG Network = Achievement, Success and Aspiration

ASNG Network = Achievement, Success and Aspiration
The ASNG (ACCA Student News Group) Network on Linkedin is for students and professionals in accountancy looking to be more successful and has more than 17,000 members, and now research shows that Linkedin is the right network for you to join.
Personal social networks such as Facebook are used to waste time, and professional networks are used to invest time, according to LinkedIn. In a recent blog post, the career networking site discussed new research it commissioned into why people use different social media sites, and what that might mean for advertisers trying to reach them.
For example, LinkedIn says that professionals go to career sites to stay up to date with their career and expect to hear from brands 26% more than on non-professional sites. The research doesn't mention any names, but it obviously refers to Facebook when it talks about "personal" sites. People use those sites for "distraction" and to "kill time," LinkedIn says, whereas LinkedIn is for "achievement, success" and "aspiration."
The research is collected into a new report, called "The Mindset Divide" written by TNS Global, analyses the major differences between personal and professional social networking.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Expressing yourself with confidence

Picture this – you are off to a meeting, your boss will be quizzing you about your workload, you’re busy, you’re stressed, you’re unsupported, you decide to ask for support... You approach the room, you see your deadpan boss, you get nervous, you begin to feel hot, your colleagues arrive but you are too focused to engage them... you sit... you sweat... the meeting starts, and you’re on! 

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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

"Coaching is just a fad, the new kid on the block.", Discuss

Personal Coaching is a relatively new kid on the block, and is still trying to be understood.

Like a teenager, it has had it's pro's and con's kicked around by industry "parents" and academics...

Even coaching's friends have had a metaphorical poke, and despite all this, coaching still remains top of the class, positively impacting motivated people to achieve their goals, big or small!

But how can this be? Where does this "new kid" get its ability, direction and drive?

Well, it has got great Genes!

The Coaching family line comes from specific areas of psychology and counselling, physiology, schools of business leadership, reputable behavioural reviews of successful people and the latest communication theory. All of which, have been consolidated in to a respected coaching qualification.

...add that learning with the right Coach, with a persistently positive point of view, motivational focus and enthusiastic delivery... it is clear to see where it gets its strength!

And this journey of discovery allows expert coaches to challenge and support a clients motivation, and encourage them to set clear, achievable, ambitious goals, empowering them with performance skills, so they can become their own goal expert!

This unique approach set expert Coaches apart from therapist and counsellors, and typical coaching clients are not depressed, but more "stuck in a rut" and frustrated with pace of change. Consequently, coaches do not try to resolve past negative issues, and most clients are forward focused and ready for change!

Sessions can be challenging, but are always 100% focus on our clients, using definable skills to motivate and support them in a trusted environment. Most clients want to move forward NOW without hearing the “what, where and how” of coaching, but finding a coach you trust is essential.

Typically, clients have heard the positive impact of coaching, they know someone who it helped significantly, and are looking for quick change and support...

But trust in your coach is key, and like a great restaurant, most clients will go on testimonials alone, even if the kitchen is open for inspection!

Coach Chris

Thursday, 31 March 2011

And the winner is...

And the winner is...

Silvia Lovato, Junior Auditor, E&Y.

She wins Ambitious People's Peak Plus Program including a personal profile analysis and review by an accredited coach, followed by five 121 mentoring sessions with the ACCA's Career Coach, Christopher Argent.

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